Beginner Triathlon Training: Picking Up the Road Bike

Hilary Topper and her new bike from Brickwell

A day after I bought the Trek Silque Road Bike, I went back to Brickwell with my husband, Brian, and picked it up.  Brian had been with me the day before and at first was discouraging me from spending the money on a Road Bike.  “What do you need it for? An aluminum one will work just fine,” he said.

What the Coach tells you, you do

But since Coach Rich told me to buy a Carbon Fiber bike, I was more inclined to go with his opinion.  I didn’t want to spend money and then in a year or two end up getting a better bike. I wanted a bike that I could grow into.

Funny thing is, while KC, an associate at Brickwell, was showing me how to use the bike clips and how to use the Garmin 910 xt quick release, Brian was working with Andrew on getting a road bike for himself.  He was trying different brands including Felt, Cannondale and Trek.

Prior to buying the bike, I told Brian that I was planning on getting a Felt bike and he said, “why don’t you get a Cannondale?”   Interestingly, he ended up buying a Felt bike and I bought the Trek!

What I loved about Brickwell was that they really spent a lot of time with me. I really got the sense that they cared that I was happy with my purchase.

Having three stores on the North Shore, gave them ample inventory. At one point during my fitting, Andrew, the owner, said, “I have the right bike and right fit for you.  KC, my associate, will go over to the Great Neck location and bring it over.

I only waited a few minutes and KC was back in Manhasset with the bike, I ultimately ended up getting.  Now that is true customer service!

I was really impressed with Brickwell.  I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a bike or accessories.  The staff is highly knowledgeable and very respectful.  I felt welcomed and as we were departing, Andrew said, “I feel like we spent the weekend together!”

Ha… We did!