Race Review: The Biggest Loser Race in Washington, DC

The Toppers at the Biggest Loser Race in Washington DC

Ever since I heard that The Biggest Loser (NBC-TV) were hosting races across the country, I wanted to run one. The thing about this race, is that there isn’t pressure to win it. The pressure is to complete it and if you could do that, you win!

Going to DC to Compete in the Biggest Loser Race

So when I knew that I would be in DC for the weekend with my family dropping off my son at camp, I signed up immediately for the race. (I also signed up my husband and my son, which I’m not sure if they were happy about it.)

When we picked up the numbers, the day before the race, I thought there would be a running fair. Instead there were maybe four or five vendors including the Biggest Loser Ranch (new one in Chicago) and some other local area charities.  They had a few of the contestants talk and sign autographs but we missed all the presentations.  Instead, when we got there, there was a huge screen with past episodes of the Biggest Loser. I got to meet Michael Dawsey, his wife and son from Season 14 and I met Seth from Season 2.

Day of the race

The day of the race, we took the metro to Stadium. From there, it was a half mile to the start of the race.  (I know because I timed it!)  There were hundreds of people there.  It looked like a sea of red shirts! We walked around but there really wasn’t anything to look at.  I was surprised that there weren’t group stretches or booths to buy stuff.

Dan Evans and his mom from Season 5 were hosting the event.  Filipe and Simone were there from Season 7. Even Bingo, the lovable teen from Season 14 was there.  He led the 1 mile kids run that followed the 5K and 10K race.

Both races took off at the same time. They tried to segment the faster runners but it was mobbed, there was no place to move!  Once the race was underway, it got better.  I found myself running around the walkers though, which made it difficult to get anywhere.

During the race

We ran around the outside of the soccer stadium.  It was extremely hot.  The air was thick and heavy. I ran the first mile without any problems but by mile 2, I was huffing and puffing from the air quality.  One of my complaints about the race was there wasn’t enough water, especially in that heat.  It would have made sense to have a water station at every mile.

There were inspiration areas were some of the contestants stood and cheered the crowd on.  I was secretly hoping that Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper would have been there, but they weren’t.

I also didn’t love the course.  It was boring. There were no trees and as you ran, the heat beat on your body. By the end of the race, everyone was soaked in sweat.

Although it wasn’t one of the better races I have ran, I did enjoy it and I’m glad I ran it.