Book Review: Courage to Tri by Bethany Rutledge

If you thought that you couldn’t do a 5K or a triathlon, this book is for you! It’s a book stocked with determination and inspirational stories that will motivate you to follow your dreams!

Bethany Rutledge is the author and she is a USA Triathlon coach. She believes that “crossing the finish line can change your life in amazing ways.”

Find out what it’s like to overcome obstacles like: “I’m too fat to tri,” or “I’m too scared to tri.” Learn about how mom’s can juggle it all and how you can find accountability in the sport.

Courage to Tri by Bethany Rutledge

The book is a good read for a beginner. I would have loved to had read this book before I started triathlons four years ago. It answers questions like “what’s the deal with a wetsuit?” and “will I look ridiculous in a tri kit?”

Part 2 of the book helps get you “geared up” for a triathlon. You learn about how much you need to spend to get started. If you need a coach and what races can work for you. 

Part 3 talks about the training and gives concrete tips and strategies on training for all three disciplines. It even talks about transition, what to bring, what not to bring and proper nutrition and hydration in preparation for the races before and during. 

I loved that the book even takes you through to the first race. It reminded me of a book I used to read while I was pregnant to help prepare me for the pregnancy. 

If you know of a beginner or you are a beginner yourself, this book is worth the grab! You can get it at Meyer & Meyer Sport or on Amazon for $19.95.