Custom Goggles

Hilary Topper wearing Magic 5 goggles

When I saw that TheMagic5 made custom-fitting goggles, I got excited. I’ve been using the Sable Goggles for years and love them but perhaps, a custom-fit would be beneficial to me.

The process

I downloaded TheMagic5 app. The app scanned my face by me turning to either side a couple of times. It looked at the ratio between my eyes, my eye size, and my nose and customized a pair of goggles to fit my face.

Once I placed the order, every couple of days thereafter, I got emails with a status update. I also received emails about how to care for the Magic 5 goggles.

Once They Arrived

Magic 5

About a week or so later, the goggles arrived via UPS and came in a handy case. The instructions said to rinse the goggles after every use. It also talked about how to properly wear the goggles.

I tried them for a quick 10-minute swim and was extremely satisfied. I liked that it gave me a good peripheral view. So, I decided to take the goggles with me and wear them during the 5.5-mile swim across the Great South Bay.

5.5-Mile Bay Swim

I wore TheMagic5 goggles during the first two or three miles of the swim. At first, they were fantastic. I felt like I could see pretty well and they felt comfortable on my face. But, after that, when the swells picked up, they started to leak. I needed something that would suction on my eyes so that no water got in.

I do like these goggles, I just needed to adjust properly prior to the swim. I should have stuck with what I had and tried them during a shorter swim.


They have a ton of Olympic swimmers who endorse them. And if people like, Jan Frodeno and Jeanette Ottesen endorse them, they must be pretty good.

The look

They have a couple of different design patterns to choose from. I wanted the multi-colored goggles. They look very cool and once I learn to adjust them properly, I know I will grow to love them.

They have multicolored lenses as well as tinted gray lenses and blue lenses. They are priced between $60 and $115.

Where to pick them up

TheMagic5 Goggles can be purchased online. Download the app first so that you can have your face scanned and then place the order. You can buy them here: