Does Home or Renter’s Insurance Cover Bicycles?

You never know how good your insurance coverage is until you have a claim, and that’s the time you need the best insurance possible.


There is a widely held misconception that high-value bikes are somehow insured by a home/renter’s insurance policy, and while there might be some coverage available, you will not be satisfied with the payout.

Prior to founding Velosurance, we sold home & renter’s insurance for 15 years, and never had a happy client when it came time to make a bicycle claim. We knew there had to be a better way. We listened to the concerns of other cyclists and we founded Velosurance.

As your home or renter’s insurance questions

When you ask your home or renter’s insurance company about bicycle insurance please understand that you are talking to someone who thinks a high-value bike costs $300. There are some very specific questions you must ask the insurance company to assure yourself that your high-value bike is properly insured. Always ask for affirmative answers in writing.

Something like, “Hey, thanks for answering those questions, can you please email me confirming your answers” and keep the answers in your insurance folder.

Should You Insure Your Bike as a Stand-Alone?

It is also prudent to insure your bike(s) with a stand-alone policy where a claim to your bike(s) will not affect your home insurance premiums. Home insurance claims can cause annual premiums to increase, and the increase never goes away.
Too many small claims, insurance companies severely dislike small claims, and the home insurance policy could be non-renewed or canceled and you will be required to disclose the non-renewal or cancelation to other companies when shopping for a replacement policy. Imagine you are an insurance company underwriter, are you willing to offer a policy to someone who has been non-renewed or canceled because of too many claims. If you can find a replacement policy it will be at a dramatically increased cost. A Velosurance policy claim will not affect your home insurance premiums.

Why Velosurance?

The Velosurance policy was written to specifically cover high-value bicycles for all types of accidental damages (no matter how the accidental damage occurs), theft anywhere in the USA and Canada, and loss or damage by an airline or carriers like TriBike Transport,  UPS, or Fed-Ex. Coverage can be extended worldwide for a 10% additional premium. Insurance coverage quotes and policy purchases are available @  and members of USAT and USAC receive a membership discount.