Four Reasons Why Running with a Group is Awesome

Hilary Topper talking with teammate before a 5K race

I’ve been running a walk run group since 2017. I have never met such awesome people as I have through running. Each week we go to a different park either in Suffolk or Nassau and we walk-run. After the pandemic struck us in March of 2020, I took a couple of weeks hiatus before restarting again. Since then, we’ve been meeting as far east as Rocky Point and as far west as Fort Tottan, Queens.

Here are four reasons why running with a group is awesome:

  • Friendships — When you run with people on a continuous basis, you develop deep and caring relationships with like-minded runners. You share experiences that will last a lifetime. Plus, you get to know people very quick in a short amount of time.

  • Get Stronger — When you run consistently with a group, you get stronger with the members of the group and you will run faster when race day comes.

  • Accountability — If you want accountability and to become more consistent, running with a group will do that. You know that you are letting people down when you don’t show.

  • You do Things You May Not Otherwise Do — For example, in my running group four people ran an ultra marathon in the midst of COVID-19. Our runners had such a blast, training for an ultra or a marathon becomes an enjoyable experience with a running group.

Running with a group is amazing. If you are interested in joining my walk-run group, please reach out to me at [email protected]. If you want to join a group but not ready, join my Patreon page and I’ll help you get ready! Here’s the link: