Tips on Storing Your Wetsuit In The Winter

Lots of wet wetsuits

Now that the water is in the 50s in the Northeast, and even colder in some parts, here are some tips on storing your wetsuit in the winter:

1 – Buy wetsuit hangers.

I bought a couple on Amazon and they keep your wetsuit looking good throughout the winter. (For a while, I fold up my wetsuits to later learn that storing it that way doesn’t help with the longevity of the neoprene fabric.)

2 – Pick up wetsuit shampoo (I bought mine on Amazon).

Put your wetsuits in the bathtub and fill up with shampoo and water. Make sure the suit is soaped up. Then, let it soak for a few moments. After that, fully rinse. See the video below.

3 – Thoroughly dry the suit.

I like to turn inside out and make sure the inside is dry first before turning right side out. It’s important to let the wetsuit dry thoroughly. If it’s not completely dry, the wetsuit will smell.

4 – Put your wetsuits on the wetsuit hanger and store it in your closet.

Don’t worry, spring will be here before we know it!

Check out the video tape:

If you want to keep your wetsuit good for years to come, check this out and learn how to store your wetsuit for the winter.