Lane 5 Swim Caps

HT Lane 5 Swim

When Lane 5 reached out to me on Instagram saying that they would like to send me swim caps to check out for my blog, I was excited. Hey, you can never have enough swim caps!

I asked them if they were latex or silicon, they told me silicon and I told them to send them over. I learned through my tenure that the latex caps really hurt my head. I get the worst headaches when I wear them that’s why I always prefer silicon.

Lane 5

Lane 5 swim

They have so many different styles that are so much fun. I was sent a floral one and a plain pink cap. But if you check out the website, they have a whole host of styles that are so much fun!

The caps are long-lasting and extremely elastic and flexible. They protect your hair while swimming and are made of high-performance/high-technology materials.

After wearing them, make sure to rinse in cold water and then dry.

Taking them for a test drive

I tried out the pink one and the multicolored floral one and liked that they were stretchy. I find that because I have a lot of hair, many of the caps give me a headache because they are too tight. This one was tight but not that tight. In addition to that, I really liked the multi-colored caps. They were fun and because I love swimming so much, anything swim-related is fun!

You can pick them up at They retail for $22 for two.