Four Triathlon App Reviews

Triathlon App

There are so many amazing apps for triathletes. Here are four of my favorites:


I’ve been using this app for more than a year. It provides swim workouts, videos on technique and even dry-land workouts. If you want to focus on the open water, for example, the app will help you with that. If you want to get faster, the app will help with that too. What’s interesting about this app is that it can be uploaded to your Garmin. So when it’s split time, you will know it!

On the feed, you will see your workouts along with videos and blogs about swimming, which are pretty interesting. In the swim section, you will see training programs like coach to 10K or even a beginner swimming program. What I like about these is that the developer puts in videos to teach you proper techniques and drills. It’s very helpful. Then, you get a workout every day (or every time you swim).

If you don’t want to do a training plan, you can also opt to do a single workout.

If you’re a data geek, you will love the data analysis section which looks at your stats and provides you with feedback.

The app is on the app store for $19.99 a month.


Could you imagine having an app that helped you determine your goals, your nutrition and hydration plan for your race day, or even knowing what the weather will be like in your race day area so that you can nail your nutrition?

Bill Hoolihan, CEO of RACEDAY, was in a grimy hotel room in Augusta, Georgia, and had an idea. “How can I help people during race day?” he asked himself.

He set up some portable weather stations on the course and started analyzing the weather. Then, he realized that he wanted to project a tool that athletes could use to help them figure out their race day strategy.

“Raceday shows you your pacing and shoes you graphically the chance of rain or humidity,” said Hoolihan.

When you download the app, there is a $3.99 a month fee. You will be asked to provide your upcoming races. Input your times and then RaceDay will work its magic. From there, you will learn what the cut off times are and how well you will do. There is even a checklist for your short course or long course.

The app is available on both Android and IOS. The price is $3.99 and could be the next best thing to set up your next race.


This is also a great app to have, especially if you like to run or ride in different parks. It shows you the top trails nearby, family friendly trails and best views nearby. So, no matter where you go, you will find different recommendations.

I learned about different trails around where I live that I would have not known about without this app. When I used to travel (prior to COVID19), I would find trails in unique spots worthy of the exploration. This is great for trail running, running, hiking or just walking.

Trail Link

I downloaded this app during the summer. I wanted to find other routes to ride my bike and since the rail trails are starting to connect, I thought this would make a great app for my collection.

In this app, you will find various riding trails anywhere in the USA. If I look at Long Island, it will show some popular spots to ride like Cedar Creek to Tobay Beach, Bethpage State Park, Heckscher State Park, and more.

New trails are opening daily and there is even a rail trails that start in Yonkers and go all the way to Montreal. These are all worth checking out and Trail Links will help you set a course for yourself.

Let me know your favorite triathlon or running app in the comments below!