New Endurance Sports Podcast


On Hilary Topper on Air, we have been interviewing key endurance sports athletes and retailers since we started the podcast in 2011. However, we decided to make a change.

New Endurance Sports Podcast

Lisa Gordon, my producer, and I decided to take out the endurance sports group and create a separate endurance sports edition that would follow the regular season of guests who are from the business community, self-help community, and lifestyle community.

The new season will run eight episodes and is sponsored by Boldfoot Socks, a veteran-owned, USA-made sock company for runners and endurance athletes.

The First Season Aired in Spring — New Episodes will Air in Fall!

Hilary Topper on Air

Here are the podcasts from the spring season. Click on the player or listen to them on Apple Podcasts, Amazon Alexa, Google Play, Spotify, etc.

Training Tips and Tricks for Endurance Races with Andrew Patterson of

Maximizing Your Cycling Performance and Safety: A Discussion on the Importance of Bike Fit with Jason Williams of Retul

Protect Your Ride: Exploring the Importance and Coverage of Bike Insurance with Velosurance’s Dave Williams

Preparing for the Worst: The Importance of Estate Planning for Endurance Athletes

From Central Park to Far Rockaway: Exploring the Thrilling Races of NY TRI

Unveiling the Power of Nutrition: An Interview with Theresa Seaquist of MoxiNutrition

Unleashing the Triathlete Spirit: Conquer the Iconic Chicago Triathlon

Overcoming Self-Limiting Beliefs and Embracing Boundless Potential: A Conversation with Leah Jantzen

Interviewing Athletes and Endurance Related Products

We will be interviewing a variety of endurance athletes who are pushing the boundaries and making a difference in their respective fields. This includes Olympic gold medalists, ironman athletes, ultramarathoners, and others who have accomplished amazing things in their sport.

We are excited to bring you the stories of these inspiring athletes and share with you the lessons they have learned. Each episode will also feature exclusive interviews with industry professionals, experts, and more!

So stay tuned for more information about our upcoming season of Hilary Topper on Air – The Endurance Sports Edition! We can’t wait to continue to bring you inspiring stories from around the world.