Nose Pluggers Unite!

Nose Pluggers Unite!

I confess. I wear nose plugs. I always had breathing issues and find it difficult to breath through my nose. I found that when I started swimming, I couldn’t breath in the water because water was going up my nose and lingering in my brain.  (I know…I know… that didn’t really happen but it felt that way!)

Anyway, at first, I was embarrassed wearing nose plugs. I felt it was a kid thing, not an adult thing.  But low and behold, I’ve been noticing more and more closet nose pluggers out there.

During my first triathlon, I spotted an older woman wearing them and I smiled.  Later on, I noticed that my swim coach wears them.  And then, the other day, I was swimming in Long Beach and some guy came over to me and said, “you know, this pair of nose plugs works better than the ones you have.”

We actually ended up getting into a whole conversation about nose plugs and I realized that there is a whole sub-culture within the triathlon culture.  It’s a small subset of people who can’t swim without nose plugs.

I don’t feel bad about wearing nose plugs any longer. I just have to remember that when I spray myself with lubricant to get my wetsuit on or when I spray suntan location on my body, my nose plugs will fall off my face. So much for the nose plugs!