Skechers GoRun Forza 3 Sneaker Review

As I’m becoming more of an efficient runner, I’m learning that for me, certain sneakers work and others just don’t. I know that I have an achilles issue that flares from time to time and when I wear low offset shoes, the achilles tends to ache more than when I wear more of a drop.

Recently, I had the opportunity to try out the Skechers GoRun Forza 3 Sneakers. These shoes are awesome. I’m not just saying it. I plan to buy some additional pairs.

They are comfortable, responsive and I have used them on several long runs. They have the right bounce and they are extremely comfortable.

The GoRun Forza 3 have a 6 mm drop from heal to toe and are ultra lightweight with lots of cushioning. The triple density midsole provides a stable smooth transition and they are highly durable and have lots of traction for running on the road.

They look heavier than they are. Each shoe weighs only 9 oz. These are real stability shoes for long distance running.

When one thinks Skechers, one may not think that they are high performance shoes, but they are. Many of the famous runners wear Skechers. I’m always surprised at how much I enjoy wearing them every time I go back and try out another pair!

I checked out their website and found this honest review as well:

“Great shoe! I had the original Forzas and liked them but the Forza 3 is definitely a notch above. I evaluated them to see if they would be a good shoe to run the Boston Marathon in and they work for me! I did two 10 mile marathon pace runs and a 16 mile run and they felt good within the first two weeks of owning them. They are a great everyday trainer, but light enough for a marathon shoe as I need a little more support because I wear orthotics because I have flat feet and overpronate. They work well with my orthotics, and felt great right out of the box. No break in period needed. I wasn’t thrilled about the color, but I get shoes for function/performance, not fashion. I weight 154 and run 50-65 miles a week. Great stability shoe for me.”

Interestingly, I also wear orthotics in my sneakers because of my high arches. There are some shoes that don’t fit right once the orthotics go in. These Forza 3’s don’t have that issue.

I don’t have an issue with the color either. I like the striped design with the two toned soles. It makes them look interesting and different than many of the other sneakers on the market.

Making Improvements

Skechers seems to modify their sneakers regularly with new updates and improvements. Through the years, I have found that they are making better and better sneakers. They constantly look for feedback from their customers and make improvements. These shoes are a big improvement from ones I’ve tried years ago.

I plan on racing some of my upcoming half marathons in these sneakers and I’m psyched about it because of their responsiveness. I’m really loving these and I think you will too.

You can buy a pair on Amazon, Zappos or on the Skechers website. They cost $85 and they are worth it!