Sneaker Review: Hupana the Everyday Running Shoe

Sneaker Review: Hupana the Everyday Running Shoe

Whenever I’m in Berkeley, California, I always stop in at the Road Runner Sport store there and see the store manager, Tyler. He’s helped me out quite a bit especially during the NYC Marathon training when all my toes were covered in blisters and I didn’t think I would be able to run/walk/run the 26.2 miles. Tyler set me up with inserts and new sneakers and even a pair of recovery shoes. It cost me a fortune, but I didn’t mind if it helped. I was in rough shape back then!

About a month or so ago, I was in Berkeley again visiting my son at college. My son had class and I headed over to Road Runner Sports (btw, they don’t have this chain in the Northeast. The closest store to me is more than an hour away in New Jersey.). Tyler greeted me when I walked in.

“What can I help you with?” he asked.

I explained to him that I brought the wrong walking shoes with me and hurt my knee. “I have a race this weekend and hope that it feels better,” I said.

I tried on several pairs of “recovery shoes” or what many people call, “walking shoes,” and the Hupana were one of them. Boy were they comfortable.

After purchasing a bunch of items for my knee from Tyler, I ended up not purchasing the Hupanas.

I reached out to Hoka One One and asked them for a pair to review for this blog.

The Hupana, which I was lead to believe is a walking shoe, is actually a light weight running sneaker.

They are a neutral shoe and extremely comfortable. I wore them as “all day” shoes and I must confess that I was extremely impressed. My feet and my legs felt incredible. And, when I took them off, my feet and legs yearned for them to come back on!

What I love about the Hupana:

  • You could wear them all day, but you can also run in them and you can run comfortably
  • The look is super cool and they look great with jeans or shorts
  • They are extremely comfortable, but don’t have the height of the traditional Hoka One One shoe
  • They are only 6.3 oz in weight
  • The heel to toe drop is 5mm
  • They aren’t overly cushioned, but they are cushioned enough to make you feel comfortable all day

What I don’t love about them:

  • Limited colors. All Hupana sneakers are in one color – black. The soles come in white, yellow and blue.

I love these shoes. Okay, I’m a convert and love all the Hoka One One shoes I’ve tried recently! The Hupana go for $115 online at Hoka One One or on Amazon. They are worth checking out!