Starting up a Walk-Run Group on Long Island

on lifeguard chair

Do you know anyone who wants to learn the walk-run method? If so, send them my way.

We have a few options:

1. Learn the Walk-Run Method – Beginner Group Starting!

This is specifically for newbies or beginner runners. We will teach you the walk-run method and we will have webinars and seminars to help you learn about topics like what sneakers are best for you, what you should drink during a run, and more! The membership fee is $120 for three months. Join now with our early bird special pricing of $100 for three months! (After three months, you can join the regular weekend walk-run group at a discounted rate.)

2. Weekly Walk-Run Group – Intermediate or Advanced

This group meets one day over the weekend. We meet at various parks throughout Long Island and Queens. We also hold track meet-ups as well. We have beginners along with experienced athletes in this group. The fee for the group is $120 for the year.

3. WeREndurance Athletes – Triathletes, Endurance Athletes

This group is an international organization where we provide learning from experts like Matt Dixon, Matt Fitzgerald, Julie Moss, and more! We also offer discounts, freebies, and entries to hard to get in events like the NYC Marathon. (This year 10 people are going to represent WeREndurance!) The membership fee for the entire year is $60.

4. Private coaching

If you are interested in private coaching for either triathlon or running, please let me know.

Here’s the information to sign up –