Stryd Power Meter Review

Stryd Power Meter Review

Move over Cyclists, there aren’t just power meters for bikes any longer, Power meters for runners have been perfected through the years and they are hot!

I remember when Stryd started a few years ago and sent me a power meter. I was impressed but found it cumbersome and decided not to review it.

Fast foward, Stryd approached me again and this time, I said, “yes, I’ll take a look.” Well, I have to say, I’m glad I did.

The new Stryd is a foot pod that easily slips onto your laces on your shoes. It charges on a high tech pad which lasts for at least two weeks or longer. There is a comparable app on the iPhone or android that tells you if the battery is low and when to recharge.

I inputted my data on my fastest 5K on the computer and found that my critical pace was a 12:18 and my critical power was 153 watts. It gave me the following data, which I found useful:

Stryd Power Meter data

I was a little concerned about trying out the Stryd because I run/walk/run. But the customer service folks assured me that it would still work. After linking up with my Garmin 935xt, my iPhone and fully charging it, I went for a run with Team Galloway Long Island. We went on a short five mile run/walk/run.

The Stryd told me my stress level, which were mainly in zones 3 to 5. I built the run from going out easy to increasing it as the run went along. It gave me my pace, my leg stiffness, my elevation, cadence and heart rate. My perceived effort was a 3, which was light to moderate.

What’s nice is now I have a base to build upon and I find it fun and interesting to check out the data after each run. I just have to remember to make sure to switch the pod from shoe to shoe because I don’t always wear the same running shoes!

According to Stryde, “most runners see an improvement immediately. Power helps runners pace their efforts better so that they run stronger.  Most runners run too quickly at the start of the race or exhaust quickly when running uphill. A simple tweak in the effort keeps runners going strong trhough an entire workout.”

It seems like a great tool. I just wish it had a tile like device on it so if you can’t find it, you can hear it beep! I left a pair of sneakers with my Stryde in the park a few weeks ago. So unfortunately, my testing is over!

The Stryde Power Meter is $199. If you want to build upon your base and become a stronger runner, this is the tool to get you there!