Swimming around the Island at Tobay Beach

clown fish

Every year, there are lots of groups who swim around the island at Tobay Beach, on the bayside. I did it once with Total Masters Swimming but hadn’t done it again in years until today.

“Which direction do you want to swim in today?” Ray said to me as we got into the water. I pointed to the marina. I love starting that way first because it’s a longer, harder swim than going to the Bonzai tree.

At the Marina

Once we got to the marina, Ray said, “I don’t see the other group. I wonder if they went around the island.”

“Why don’t we go around the island to check it out?” I asked. He gave me a smile and start to swim toward the island.

“Just don’t swim too far away,” I screamed after him. I didn’t want to feel alone on the “other side.”

On the other side of the Island

We got to the other side of the island. I couldn’t see the beach any longer but I could feel like I was now in the open water. I felt like Nemo, exploring new territory.

I noticed that Ray started to drift farther and farther out. I screamed his name. At first, he didn’t hear me. But then he finally lifted his head and I waved to come closer to the shore.

We continued for a while and as we did, I started to think about crabby patties and Squidward. I need to think of myself as a crab as I pull the water.

Between Nemo and Squidward, I was having a whole image thing going in my head. Before we knew it, we were at the end and headed back toward the Bonzai tree.

The next day

I was on Facebook because that’s what I do and I saw a comment on a page, “was that Hilary Topper going around the island?” Then someone else sent me a DM, “was that you going around the island?” Hmmm… am I famous now or just dumb? Haha…