The Post Office Cafe Race, “Patrick’s Run”

During the last two years of Team Galloway Long Island’s existence, we have made The Post Office Cafe Race, or what we like to call, “Patrick’s Run” one of our team races. Patrick Trainor was the son of Colleen Trainor, one of our members. This adorable little boy tragically died of a genetic disease that took his life when he was just seven years old. 

Patrick with his cool glasses… 

MPS and related diseases are genetic disorders that affect major organs in the body, including the respiratory system, heart, bones, and nervous system. Affecting mostly children, it is caused by the body’s inability to produce certain enzymes. There are hundreds of children around the country waiting for a treatment and eventually a cure for these rare, progressive, and deadly diseases.

The owners of the Post Office Cafe, lost two children from this deadly disease. That is why they started this race.

At the Post Office Cafe Race, “Patrick’s Run,” the day started out chilly and dark. It looked like it was going to rain.

The race took off at exactly 10 am, right after the 1 mile fun run for the children. We all lined up. I was looking for Colleen, but couldn’t find her. Team members, Janeth, Teresa, Pat, Joanne and I started out together. We couldn’t get near the front, there were so many people!

Next thing we knew, people just started to run, so we ran too.

Soon, I was running alone. I stayed with my 45/20 run/walk ratio and about a mile into the race when Colleen appeared.

“I was looking for you!” I said. She smiled. 

We have a very similar stride and ran together for the remainder of the race. 

The race takes place in Babylon. It runs through gorgeous neighborhoods with huge homes. It also runs by a boat dockyard and the open water.  It is a gorgeous run. It’s flat, fast and fun!

The Post Office Cafe Run (Patrick’s Race) was special, emotional and just plain fun. We all had a great time and will continue to support this race for years to come!