The Swim Prescription by Alexander Hutchison, Ph.D.

The Swim Prescription

Throughout my whole life, I always looked to the water to help calm my mind. It also offered me a feeling of relaxation. Once I learned to swim in my later years, I realized that swimming made me feel better both mentally and physically.

About The Swim Prescription

The book, The Swim Prescription – How Swimming Can Improve Your Mood, Restore Health, Increase Physical Fitness and Revitalize Your Life, by Alexander Hutchison, Ph.D., confirmed my feelings.

The author did extensive research. He looked at swimming and various ailments like MS, Autism, Parkinson’s, Mental Health, and even pulmonary diseases like COPD and Asthma. He learned that swimming is the best thing.

The beginning of the book talks about the benefits of swimming for just about everyone because it helps with your cardiovascular health.

Author Discusses Weight Management and Nutrition

Hutchison also discusses weight management. Did you ever wonder why you get so hungry after a swim? He talks about that as well. He suggests a smoothie within 30 minutes after you finish swimming.

After learning that swimming helps just about any ailment, Hutchison discusses how to get started. Hutchison is a US Master Swim Coach and a triathlon coach.

Master Swim Group

Dr. Hutchison talks about the benefits of a Master Swim Group. He says the two biggest benefits are – 1) you will get faster; and 2) it will make you accountable.

He also provides some strength training tips to get stronger in the water.

In the book The Swim Prescription, Dr. Hutchison discusses what you should buy to get started and provides the reader with various workouts using the “Rate of Perceived Effort” scale.

Overall, Hutchison’s The Swim Prescription provides useful information, drills, and workouts that can be used both in the pool and while training for a triathlon.

Burnout and Training Plans

He also talks about open water training, and how to break free from the plateau and burnout that one may feel.

The back of the book includes several 12-week swim training plans for beginners to experienced swimmers.

This book is an excellent resource for anyone who is just getting started in swimming or is already a swimming enthusiast. With helpful tips and advice, this book will help readers of all levels stay motivated to reach their swimming goals. You can get a copy here