Turtle Mittens for Winter Running

Turtle Gloves

At TRE, Turtle Mittens was there. I met them several years ago when they were a start-up company. Since then, they have grown and with the growth, they added new products, especially for the cold winter months.

Turtle Gloves

I was given a pair of Turtle Mittens for running at the event. But I didn’t try them out until I got home. The gloves I have are lightweight fleece material gloves. What’s nice about them is that you can easily flip over the top part and have use of your fingers.

That makes it very useful in case you need to use your phone during a run.

The ones that I received are the lightweight version. They do have a heavier version on the website and would probably be perfect for those sub-freezing days.

What did I think?

I found them to be extremely comfortable and not itchy! I wore them on 30-degree days and my hands stayed warm. I like that the company is USA-made and is located in Michigan. I may need to pick up another pair of heavier mittens for those frigid days but for now, my hands are comfy and warm!

The mittens are $28.99 and are available in several different colors. You can pick them up here: https://turtlegloves.com/product/convertible-mittens-fleece-cozy-colors-turtle-flip/.