What’s it Like to Swim in Tel Aviv?

Hilary on the beach in Tel Aviv

The Mediterranean Sea is magnificent. The water is a greenish-blue color and in the summer, it’s extremely warm,  80+ degrees Fahrenheit.

First day in Tel Aviv

When we got to the Sheraton Tel Aviv from the airport, we grabbed our bathing suits and headed to Gordon beach, which was right outside. We crossed a busy traffic area and entered the promenade, which was bustling with people either jogging or riding their bikes.

As we walked a little further, we felt the sand under our feet. It felt like talcum powder and the turquoise waters made my eyes water, it was that beautiful.

I was so excited to jump in. That day,  I only swam 820 yards. It felt so good. The water was a little rough but not terrible. The chop was light.

Breakers in Tel Aviv

In Tel Aviv, they have breakers that run parallel to the beach. The breakers are about 50 – 75 yards from the shoreline. They try to help keep the current in check.

walking on beach in tel aviv

The last three days of the trip

During those last three days, we were back in Tel Aviv. Our daily routine consisted of breakfast on the beach and then selecting lounge chairs and umbrellas. After that, I ran into the water. Each day was rougher than the next.  (If this had been a triathlon, the swim portion would have been canceled.) There were rip currents in every direction.

I wanted to go in. I needed to go in.

Instead of doing some long swims, I did a bunch of short swims for about 400 – 600 yards. It was hard. The current and the swells were rough. I was bouncing all over the place. Secretly, I was loving every moment and didn’t care how fast or how slow I was going. I just loved it bouncing through the water.

Touching something

At one point during one of the swims, I touched something. It was hard and had needles coming out. I didn’t know if it were a turtle or a fish. All I knew was my hand was stinging.

I also saw huge jellyfish. They were the size of dinner plates. I tried to stay away but there were a lot of them so I quickly got out of the water.

Loving every moment

Swimming in the Mediterranean Sea was like swimming in the Atlantic Ocean on a high chop day. The difference — the water in the Mediterranean Sea is a gorgeous color and it’s so incredibly clear. I saw big fish and schools of fish. It was an amazing experience!

I’m so glad I had the opportunity to do this and if you get that chance, go for it! You won’t be disappointed.