How to Get Stronger on the Bike for a Triathlete or Cyclist

I recently spoke with Tim Delss, Coach of CB Multisport, as part of the WeRTriathletes Webinar Series. Coach Tim has been competing in organized sports since age 5. Starting in team sports and eventually moving into endurance sports in 2007. First as a runner and then progressing into triathlons in 2010. His first triathlon was the 2010 Savageman 70.0. Savageman was rated The Hardest Triathlon on Earth by Triathlete Magazine in March 2010.

Here are some things we discussed:

  • What got Tim into coaching triathletes
  • Ways to get stronger on the bike as we go into off season
    • What about during the season?
  • Strategies for hill climbing
  • Cadence vs. power
  • Do you need a power meter?
  • Where should you invest your money with triathlon gear
  • And more!

Watch the rest of the talk:

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