When It’s One of Those Days…

When it’s one of those days…

Have you ever had a day where just everything goes wrong? I had two of those days this week and it was frustrating. The week started off well. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, I was able to meet and exceed my training plan, which lies in Training Peaks.

Then Thursday came. I had a bike workout. The workout called for me to go to SUNY Old Westbury. I was fearful, but determined to get it done. I packed up the car with my bike in the back seat and my gear in the passenger seat and I took off. SUNY OW is only 20 minutes now from my new house so I was psyched to go there and finally finish the workout.

As I was driving, I started getting flash flood alerts on my phone. It wasn’t raining though. Maybe it will pass, I thought. Then the rain came. Oh no, I’m not riding in the rain… I turned the car around.

Forty minutes later, I was back in my house. I put the bike on the trainer and guess what? The trainer didn’t work. I was so frustrated, I threw up my hands and decided to call it quits and take this exercise thing back up the next day.

On Sunday, I was all ready to swim the mile swim at West Neck. I got there early. I figured why not get there a little before the start. Registration didn’t start yet. I saw a couple of people I knew and said my “hellos.” Then, I waited. From 7 until about 10:30 am, I just sat around and waited. The current was rough and the organizers didn’t want to send people out. When they finally sent the 5K folks out, they didn’t want to send anyone else out until they came back. They wanted to make sure everyone was okay. (I understand that. But, it was very frustrating.) A couple of minutes later, I decided to take off my wetsuit and go home.

Maybe I can pack up the bike and go back to SUNY OW?

I got home an hour later, around 11:45 am. I packed up the car with my bike and gear and headed to SUNY OW.

This time when I got there, it was closed off. I couldn’t get in. If you think I was frustrated before with the swim, well then, you should have seen how frustrated I was then!

I turned around and went back home. Now what? Do I just forget the whole thing and waste the day?

I put my bike back on the trainer. This time I got it to work. And, I rode the virtual course of Zwiftopia. It was rough but I forced myself. I did that for only 30 minutes but I tried to go hard. Then, I got on my sneakers and ran 1 mile. Although it was a short brick, I felt like I accomplished something.