Are Your New Garmin Devices Telling You What to Do?

computers rule the world

Recently, I purchased a new Garmin Fenix 6S and a new Garmin 1030 bike computer. So far, I’m really enjoying both and have no regrets about making these major purchases. However, both of the new Garmin devices keep telling me what to do.

The Fenix 6S

I’m not going to review the Fenix 6S but I will tell you two things.

  1. The Fenix is constantly telling me I’m unproductive, even after a two-hour swim. (There are days it says I’m productive and I have a big smile on my face.)
  2. The Fenix wants me to do the workout that it planned for me, not the one I was scheduled to do. So, I have issues with that.

The 1030 Bike Computer

I love that my workouts are linked with my training peaks so, on certain days that I have intervals, the bike computer makes it so easy by beeping when I need to change my power.

However, if I don’t stick with the allocated power, then the device starts going ballistic! It beeps at me. I feel like I’m constantly being yelled at!

But, when I stay within the power, it’s happy.

Smart Technology

The technology just keeps improving. I’m waiting for the day that the computers tell me what to do every second of every day… 🙂