Balega Doesn’t Just Make Great Running Socks…

Balega International makes the best running socks. Ever since I started wearing them, I have not gotten a blister! But, in addition to making great running socks, Balega also gives back to the community through their Lesedi Project.

Lesedi Project

Through the Lesedi Project, Balega has supported the Ethembeni School, a boarding school that caters to physically disabled and visually impaired children from all over Kwa-Zulu Natal, Kingdom of the Zulu for the past 15 years. Funds raised through the Lesedi Project assist in providing student scholarships have funded a therapy playground and swimming pool, and the purchase of a wheelchair-accessible school bus.

Through the Lesedi Bead Project, students at the Ethembeni School handmake colorful beaded bracelets that are then sold next to Balega socks in specialty retail stores in the United States. Profits made from the sale of the bead bracelets go back to the Ethembeni School to help fund new developments. This year, the Lesedi Fund has provided scholarships for 12 students to attend the Ethembeni School, which is a life-changing opportunity for these children.

Examples of children that have been helped by the project:

  • SBAHLE SINDANE – GRADE 2: Sbahle was born on July 29, 2009. She is from Mphophomeni where she resides with her grandmother who is unemployed as her mother who passed away when she was a baby.  She also doesn’t know her father. Sbahle’s body is twisted and she has walking difficulties.
  • KARABELO TAATAA – GRADE 2: Karabelo was born on March 5, 2009, at Matatiele Rural Area. She stays with her unemployed mother and must depend on Karabelo’s disability grant for living. Karabelo is unable to walk, talk properly as well as has writing difficulties. She is in a wheelchair and thus, depends on teachers and other students for mobility.
  • PETROS MLIFE – GRADE 7: Petros is physically disabled, having been diagnosed with a Spina Bifida for mobility so he uses a wheelchair. He is 15 years old and an orphan staying with his aunt. Petros stays in a rural area in Howick, near Pietermaritzburg. He was abandoned by his father’s family and by his mother and was told that he has siblings, but they have never met. He is very energetic and likes sports, particularly Para-Table tennis.

Interested in making a donation to the Lesedi Fund and help future students with scholarships to attend the Ethembeni School?