Bathing Caps by Raebabes

Bathing Caps by Raebabes

If you have been following my blog for a while, you know that when it comes to small businesses, I like to cover them. It’s so hard for the small business owner to get publicity and therefore, I am more than happy to provide through this blog.

RaeBabes is a company that I recently met. It is a mother-daughter team that sells unique and fun bathing caps.

A little bit about RaeBabes:

Both mother and daughter swam in their first swim meet at the age of 7. Rae’s, the daughter, first swim meet was a long course 50 meters swim. The mother was an Illinois State qualifier for many years in the late 60’s and 70s. Rae made it much further with her swim career, she continued swimming until her junior year in college. The nickname RaeBabes came about 22 years ago when Rae began swimming in Oviedo, FL. With a marker we would write RaeBabes on her back along with a few dolphins to support her team. Still to this day, she is called RaeBabes.

The caps:

RaeBabes sent me two caps to review for this blog. One was a latex swim cap and the other silicone swim cap. They were both adorable. The silicone swim cap had the words triathlon with an image on a white background. The latex swim cap was a black cap with flamingos.

I tried them both while swimming.

On day 1, I had a shorter swim and put on the silicone cap. I found it comfortable and it didn’t slide off like many of the other caps that I have used. It also didn’t snag my hair when I took it off. I found it comfortable and I would certainly buy another one.

As for the latex cap, I didn’t like that one as much. I loved the image but the cap was so tight on my head (I have a small head) that I had a line on my head all day! I also wondered why I had a headache toward the end of the swim. I was thinking that it was that I was dehydrated. I think now it was the tightness of the cap.

The styles:

Both caps come in a variety of styles on their website. They are relatively inexpensive and range from $6.95 for a latex cap to $12.50 for a silicone cap. I would recommend spending the extra money for the silicone cap.

You can pick up the caps at They even do custom designed caps as well!