Book Review: Racing Weight by Matt Fitzgerald

People running

I wanted to learn how to get leaner for peak performance on my triathlons so I bought Racing Weight by Matt Fitzgerald on Amazon. I read the book quickly and had several takeaways I thought I would share with you.

For starters, Fitzgerald talks about a six step plan in the middle of the book that is one that all triathletes should live by:

  1. Eat Early – Don’t wait to eat breakfast. Eat as early as possible and then eat early throughout the day.
  2. Eat Carbs Early and Protein Late – My trainer has been telling me this for years but of course I never listened. Now that Fitzgerald confirmed it, I’m going to be more conscience of this!
  3. Eat on a Consistent Schedule – This is nearly impossible for someone running a business and always on the go, but as close to consistency as you can get the better!
  4. Eat something before you exercise – I typically don’t but I’m going to start! Matt Fitzgerald writes – “when the muscles burn more carbohydrates during the workout, they tend to burn more fat after the workout.
  5. Eat during exercise – I typically eat gels.  He confirms that this is appropriate.
  6. Eat something after you exercise – He says this will help with the recovery and help you burn more fat.

Matt Fitzgerald offers a few different types of schedules that you can follow, depending on when you work out (morning, afternoon or during the morning and afternoon.)

I also thought it was relevant what he had to say about the training cycles.  He talks about how you should plan out your cycle and figure out the nutrients you will need during each cycle. So for example, if your off season is November and December, it’s time to really focus on making a change pre-season.

For me though, the biggest takeaways were the foods he suggested that you eat which include. These are “power foods:”

  • Beets and Beet Juice
  • Vegetable Soup
  • Sweet Potato
  • Heirloom Tomatoes
  • Avocados

Obviously, he also recommends eating: Apples, Bananas, Cherries, Oranges or Orange Juice, Grapes or Red Wine, Trout, Grass-fed beef, tuna, turkey breast, wild salmon, chia seeds, hemp seeds, peanut butter, cashews, whole grains such as barley, brown rice, oats, whole wheat, feta cheese, plain yogurt, and whole milk.

Racing Weight offers a ton of interesting recipes. It also shows you what the pros eat during the day.  Lastly, I like that Fitzgerald offers some strength exercises to supplement eating lean.

It was definitely a good book and good read. I would also put it on a holiday shopping spree for the endurance athlete in your life or, if you’re like me, buy it yourself!  Get it from Amazon for $13.94.