Core Power High Protein Milk Shake Fueled by Fairlife Protein

Core Power High Protein Milk Shake Fueled by Fairlife Protein

The other day an unexpected package arrived at my home. In it was seven bottles of Core Power Protein Shake. I typically don’t like the pre-mixed versions of a protein shake. I find that when I make my own shake with Almond Milk, Once Again Peanut Butter, Banana and protein shake (sometimes I throw in Bee Pollen and green vegetables), I tend to like it more.

But making your own shake is not always practical. So, I gave Core Power a try. I started with the Vanilla protein and looked at the ingredients. It includes low fat milk, cane sugar, honey and vanilla extract. The product does contain milk but it says it’s lactose free and gluten free.

The product supports recovery and it’s more of a recovery drink than it is a meal replacement.

I loved the taste of all of them. Flavors include: Chocolate, Banana, Vanilla, Strawberry Banana and Coffee. These have 26 grams of protein. In addition, they have two products that are 42 grams of protein and flavors include: Elite Chocolate and Elite Vanilla.

At first, the vanilla tasted a little chalky to me, but once I shook it well, it tasted great. It was sweet and very refreshing. I could see myself drinking one of these after a long run or ride.

The products are sold at supermarkets around the country. Check out their website to find out where to buy one. I also noticed that you can buy them on Amazon. Here’s the website: