Swimming and Running in Vail, Colorado

Swimming and Running in Vail, Colorado

Last month, I spent a weekend in Vail, Colorado. My cousin was getting married and we all stayed at the Westin in Beaver Creek, right outside of Vail.

Since we came in late Friday night, we had two days. On Saturday evening, there was the rehearsal dinner and on Sunday afternoon, we had the wedding, so there was limited time to train.

However, I got it in. I was delighted to see that the Westin had an outdoor Olympic pool. The weather was perfect and it made for great swimming weather! I swam 50 yards and was out of breath.

“Can I be this out of shape?” I asked myself. Then I realized the altitude was getting to me. I live at sea level and even Denver is a big altitude adjustment, but we went from the Denver airport up to the mountains in one quick swoop so there was no time to adjust.

The altitude in Beaver Creek is 8,100 feet above sea level. The base at Vail is 8,500 feet above sea level.

I swam 50, stopped. Then I swam another 50 and stopped. This went on for a while. I loved the pool at the Westin. It was relatively warm, salt water and gliding through it was superb!

The run was just as good. There was a path outside of the hotel that ran along the river. It was just beautiful. It had rolling hills and as you ran, you heard birds sing, rapids crashing onto rocks and trees swaying. Although I found it difficult to run hard, I kept it at a very easy, comfortable pace.

At Beaver Creek, they also rent bikes and if you want to ride the path, you could. However, since there wasn’t much time, I opted not to do it.

This was one of my favorite spots. I could see myself going back every year. It had a host of other activities as well including golf and hiking. I can’t wait until next year!