Deviate NITRO Women’s Running Shoe Review

PUMA running sneakers

A surprise package arrived in the mail. I opened it up and in it was a pair of the Deviate NITRO Women’s Running Shoes by Puma. I didn’t even know Puma made running shoes but I was excited to try them out.

Puma has always made quality products. They’ve been in the sports area for more than 70 years.

Here’s a little about the Deviate Nitro Women’s Running Shoe:

First off the shoe has plenty of cushioning. There is also an interesting carbon fiber plate, that gives you maximum propulsion. The bottom has a durable rubber compound to provide traction on any surface and it has reflectors strategically placed.

What I thought:

This was the first shoe in a while that I tried that didn’t have a large toe box. The shoe is built somewhat narrow so that your toes stay together and don’t spread out on the run. I thought at first it would bother me, but I didn’t even notice when I took it out for a few tries.

The upper has breathable mesh. The shoe weighs 7.7 oz and has a 8MM heel to toe drop.

When I took them out for a run I really enjoyed them. They were different than many of the other sneakers I tried or own. They had a good bounce and were super comfortable.

The Deviate NITRO Women’s Running Shoe come in four different colors. I was sent a pair of red ones that matches perfectly with my tri kit. Who knew?

Here is what others say about the shoe

These were taken from the Puma website:

“As a Heavier Runner I want a shoe that won’t slow me down and not feel like I’m running barefoot on concrete! The Deviate Nitro is just that!”

“Just ran my first marathon in the Deviate Nitro and this is the best my feet have ever felt after a race.”

Anyway, I’m really enjoying them and I think that you will too.

You can check them out at They retail for $160.