Ditching Disposable Cups at Races

Could you imagine what ditching disposable cups at races would mean for our environment? 

According to HydraPak, a company I met at The Running Event in Austin in December, “27 million paper cups were used in racing events across the US last year. 2.3 million were used in the NYC Marathon!” That’s a lot of paper cups!

They say that all of these paper cups amount to 572,000 pounds of CO2 emission!

HydraPak invented a recyclable cup that runners would get at the start of the race. Called, The SpeedCup, they help make a race cupless by minimizing waste during a race. 

Each cup folds up and you can place in your bra or undergarments while racing. They also have a handy circle on them which enables you to clip onto your vest or race belt. 

The SpeedCup is lightweight, easy to hold, collapsible, dishwasher safe and has a lifetime guarantee. They are BPA and PVC Free. 

HydraPak, maker of The SpeedCup is located in Oakland, CA. Here’s their website for more information. 

What do you think? Do you think they are worth the effort? Would you use them? Love to hear your thoughts… Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.