Faces of Triathlon/Endurance Sports: Caroline Gardner from Miami, Florida

Why We Tri Podcast

In celebration of my journey and my new book, From Couch Potato to Endurance Athlete published by Meyer & Meyer Sport,  I thought it would be interesting to share other athletes’ stories here on A Triathlete’s Diary blog.

Today, I interview Caroline Gardner. Caroline is the host of Why We Tri Podcast and lives with her family in Miami, Florida. Here are the questions I asked her:

Why did you decide to start triathlon training? What was your why?

Love this question! I decided to start training in triathlon to help me overcome my fear of swimming in the open water. I also had spent enough time in spin classes leaving me wanting to be like a kid again riding everywhere!

What year did you start?

I started with a triathlon team Alien Endurance, Coached by Andy Clark in 2015.

Were you athletic growing up? If so, what sports did you play?

Sort of. I played Field Hockey in High School. Wasn’t on Varsity until Senior year, you know when they have to put you on the field? I always loved running short distances. And then years later running was a source of stress release.

Caroline Gardner

What was your favorite race or your greatest achievement?

My greatest achievement is multiplied by 3:

  • giving birth three times is no easy feat.
  • As for a course, I would say Boulder 70.3. It was my 3rd 70.3 and by far the most challenging one I have completed so far.

What do you have planned for this year?

This coming September, I will be racing in Augusta 70.3 for the 2nd time. The first time was in 2017 when I almost did not get in the water due to fear and anxiety! Once I completed that water portion… I felt the most self-determination and sense of self-belief I’ve ever experienced.

Tell me about yourself. Are you married? Children? Ages? What do you do for a living?

I am a mom to 3 daughters, two teens, and one tween. Recently, I got divorced and am back in college to complete my bachelor’s in communication. I host, produce, and create my podcast and look forward to seeing where it takes me!

You can listen to Caroline’s show, Why We Tri Here.  Or, you can reach her via email at [email protected].