Fall 2020 Sneakers: HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 7s

Hoka Clifton shoes

When you slip your foot into a pair of HOKA One One Clifton 7s, it feels as if it’s surrounded by pillows. It’s soft, comfortable, and responsive.


Hoka One One Clifton 7What I always find interesting about the HOKAs is that they look like they would be a heavy shoe, but quite the opposite. They are super light. They have a thin breathable material that goes around the shoe. The shoe has a vertical pull tab for entry, but I think the ones with the actual pull tab are easier, especially when your feet are sweaty or wet from a swim.

As I mentioned earlier, there is a ton of cushion. When you bounce off your toe and wherever you land, you will land on the cushion. They are neutral stability shoes and have a 5mm drop.

Taking it for a test run:

When I tried the HOKA One One Clifton 7, I immediately loved the cushion. However, I didn’t love that the shoe tended to put my foot in a straight position. When I pronated on either side, I could feel the shoe pushing me back in both directions. I found that interesting and different than other shoes. If you pronate and want to alleviate that, this shoe may be for you. I didn’t love that aspect of the shoe. (It’s like when you drift in your car and your car starts to beep like crazy.)

HOKA is known for long runs. It’s not a fast shoe. But it will keep you comfortable throughout the long run, especially for a half marathon, marathon, or an ultra.

The HOKA One One comes in a variety of colors and it retails for $130. You can pick yours up at a local retail store or online at https://bit.ly/2ELpSOk.