First One in the Outdoor Pool at Lifetime Fitness in Garden City

I was the first one in the outdoor pool at Lifetime Fitness in Garden City. They opened the outdoor pool on Saturday, May 15 and it will be open all summer. The water temperature was superb. The only problem when I got in… bird dung.

Calling over the lifeguard

After calling the lifeguard over to tell him about the mess on the bottom of the pool and ask him if it was still okay for me to swim without getting sick, he said, “it will be no problem. Don’t worry. There is so much Chlorine, it will kill it. Plus, you know, they only eat grass so it will decompose.”

So I did my swim set. I felt a little uncomfortable, but since I canceled my indoor pool laps, I had no choice. Plus it was a beautiful day.

It was a long set – 4700 + yards. As I swam, I kept noticing all the dung on the bottom of the pool. “Okay,” I thought, “I swam in both the Hudson River and the Potomac River, a little dung won’t kill me… or will it?”

I tried to stay focused and as the time went by, I started noticing less and less dung. Maybe the lifeguards have been filtering it out? It seemed that way.

Sun out

I was on my last group of sets and the sun started to peek behind the building. In this 25 meter pool, I started to feel the warmth of the sun. It felt glorious. It was almost as good as being in the open water!

As I left, it seemed like the pool was pretty clean. I said something to the lifeguard. He told me that while i was swimming, they cleaned the water. Well, that was good. However, as soon as I was done, I took a long shower to sterilize off and then took another one when I got home.

Just in life, when there are negatives, there are always positives too!