Form Goggle Review

form goggles

I was dying to try the Form Goggles because they worked similar to Google Glass. As many of you know, I was an original Google Glass Explorer.

Google glass had some very interesting properties, including their bone conductor technology, which many of the headset companies are using today. The other interesting technology was its augmented reality, seeing things that weren’t there. 

About Form Goggles

The goggles are “smart goggles” and while you are swimming, you can see with the help of augmented reality, your swim stats in your peripheral vision. 

Other things that Form Goggles does includes stroke rate, pace, distance, calories and heart rate. It works in the pool and in open water.

Like many of the other wearables, Form Goggles comes with an app. The app keeps track of your data and then you can compare and contrast your swims. 

What’s cool about the Form Goggles is that you can also download an app on your Garmin or your Apple Watch and keep track there as well.

My experience

I tried the Form Goggles on several occasions. I wanted to love them. I wanted these to be my go to goggles, but unfortunately, I can’t say that. 

For starters, the orientation was off. I tried swimming with the orientation right out of the box and my goggles filled my eyes with water.

I tried it several other times and the same thing happened. The goggles filled with water and I was unable to swim.

When I spoke with the PR folks, they told me to try a different orientation. I did that and it helped but then it was disorienting because my dominant eye wasn’t being used. 

It was pretty cool though to see the stats in your face as opposed to trying to see where you are at with your watch! That was the major thing that I felt was different and unique about the goggles as opposed to just wearing a Garmin watch.

The goggles can be purchased for $199. There are accessories that you can purchase as well to enhance the experience. I think with a little more time and a little more development on the part of the tech team, these will be a great addition to your toolbox.