Guppy Challenge Week 4 – 30 x 50 yard Swims

Guppy Challenge Week 4 – 30 x 50 yard Swims

Thanks to, I’ve been following the “Guppy Challenge” as per my coach’s request. Now I’m on week four and boy are my latts killing me!

The first few weeks weren’t easy and the workout seems to be getting harder, but it’s a total blast!

Today’s workout was 6 x 50’s for the warm up, then 30 x 50’s on 1:15; then 200-300 cool down – free and stroke.

At first, I thought I would have issues keeping track of the 50’s let alone the clock. I’m not used to the clock. I’m a new swimmer and the going out by the clock is a new thing for me.

I made it work. Every time I would see the time at 15, 30, 45 or 00, I knew it was time to go. Every rep, I counted in my head and out loud. The poor lifeguard at Lifetime Fitness must have been going crazy with my, “20, 21, 22, 23…”

Every one of these “Guppy workouts” have been slightly different, all trying to build up your pull and your kick. So far, it’s been an awesome plan, a lot of fun and makes me look forward to the workout.

Thanks for putting this together for us “triathletes!”