Healing Grotto in Bellmore Review

Healing Grotto in Bellmore Review

My husband and I recently moved to North Merrick, Merrick Woods to be exact. We were driving up Newbridge Road to get to the Southern Parkway when we both noticed the Healing Grotto, Ultimate Salt Cave Experience. We were intrigued.

“What do you think that could be?” I asked my husband.

“I don’t know but it sounds interesting,” he said. “Let’s check it out one day.”

And that one day came the other day! We drove past, pulled into the driveway and walked into the Healing Grotto at 1762 Newbridge Road in Bellmore.

Ed, one of the partners, greeted us and told us about the healing benefits of salt. The two things that I heard were “it helps inflammation” and it helps people who have “asthma or COPD.” Since I have both asthma and inflammation, I was psyched.

My husband as he sat on the Gravity Chair…

We made an appointment for a couple’s massage and then we followed that with the salt cave.

Ed said this is the most natural “way to heal.” He explained that we will be sitting in a salt cave for 45 minutes. “We have tons of events and we’re even thinking about having movie night here too,” he said.

I started to think about it – as an endurance athlete, I have inflammation all the time. Maybe there’s some validity to this?

We had our couple’s massage, which was very relaxing. You could taste the salt in the room while you were being massaged. After that, we were shuffled downstairs and Ed explained that you get the most benefit from the salt when you sit near the door.

We sat at the end by the door on an gravity chair. The floor was covered in Himalayan salt. The walls were also covered. Some areas had styrofoam resembling salt and the other areas had actual pieces of salt. There was spa music piped in and it was quite relaxing, especially after Ed turned on the salt to get pumped into the room.

I wanted to walk through the salt, so I did. It was like walking on a slightly rocky beach.

Me… laying on the gravity chair in the dark room feeling very relaxed.

We stayed there for 45 minutes. I felt like I could breath pretty well. I smelled and tasted the salt. Well, if it really works on inflammation and asthma, then I’ll be going there a lot more often!

Did it work? Who knows. I guess time will tell… but I will tell you one thing, I will be going back!


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