Hindsight Cycling Glass Review

Hindsight cycling glasses

Have you ever wondered who is behind you during your ride? When I’m riding on the bike path to Captree Beach, I never know who is behind me until they catch up to me and pass me on the left. But, I always think that it would be a good idea to have some type of rearview mirror so that you can see if someone is behind you, especially if you are making a turn or stopping the bike.

Hindsight Cycling

hilary topper wearing new glassesIn comes a new company out of London to invent new eyewear specifically for riding and for seeing what’s behind you. Alexander MacDonald is the CEO of the company. He is a physicist with a passion for cycling. His partner, Callum Skinner, is a  world-class cyclist. Both cyclists had one too often near misses when cycling. Hindsight was born out of a need to keep cyclists safe.

Here are some of the details:

  • Ultra-lightweight, high-grade sports plastics
  • Allow athletes and urban cyclists alike to know more about their surroundings

The Lens

  • Unique new patented lens technology from an award-winning optical engineer
  • Ideal transparency levels to ensure no impingement of forward vision or blind spot creation
  • Internal mirror to allow unparalleled situational awareness
  • True-Mirror, meaning objects are exactly as far as they look
  • Know the road like never before
  • Preserve aerodynamic form for longer, perform better
  • No setup, no fiddling, no maintenance, good to go straight out of the box

Taking them for a test drive

There is an additional lens on the side of the glasses that enable you to see behind you. I think that’s awesome! The glasses themselves are a little awkward. They are more functional than fashionable. However, I would prefer function over fashion if it enables me to feel safer on the bike, which these do.

They currently don’t come in prescription lenses but that may follow. Unfortunately, I need prescription lenses but I was able to give them a try and enjoyed wearing them. I just wish I could see better and if I had contacts, they would be perfect!

The glasses come in a variety of different styles all on their website and the prices range from $229 and up.

I thought it was a cool concept and love the safety feature of them. You can pick up a pair for yourself or your loved ones at https://hindsight.store/collections/glasses.