ROKA Progressive Sunglass Review

HilaryTopper in her new Roka Progressive Sunglasses

When I found out that ROKA had progressive eyewear, I got psyched. I had seen most of their line when I went to visit their offices in Austin last year and was very impressed.

Ordering the Glasses

I went online and selected three pair of glasses a box came within a week and in it were the three pairs of glasses I selected.

I tried them on. Honestly, I couldn’t decide which ones I liked the most. I loved all of them. They were super light. I put each one and started to jump up and down frantically to see if they would fall off my face, but they stayed in place. Amazing!

Hilary in Roka Lenses Hilary in ROKA lenses Hilary T in ROKA lenses

I had a hard time deciding. That’s when I took it to my community.

I put it up as a post on Instagram and Facebook and got hundreds of responses. Everyone liked a different pair. Now I was in a dilemma. What should I do? Should I order a pair of prescription glasses in addition to the sunglasses? Should I order something totally different than what I would typically order?

I decided to go with #3. But I wanted something different. When I reviewed the website I noticed that they had these glasses in clear frames.

After sending ROKA my prescription and the distance between my eyes, I left the rest up to them. The ROKA team reached out to me to find out the distance of my pupils for my progressive lenses.

Glasses arrive

I got notification that the glasses had shipped from their headquarters in Austin. A few days later, I got the sunglasses. They are absolutely awesome. This may be the first of many glasses I buy from ROKA.

The sunglasses start at $140 and up. You can check them out on the website at