Hip & Core System by Crossover Symmetry Review

As we age, our hip flexors get tighter than when we were young. One way to combat this is to incorporate strength training into your routine. I met the folks at Crossover Symmetry at The Running Event in Austin this past year. They gave me a red Hip & Core System.

Hip & Core System

Apparently, the company makes three different hip and core systems in different colors. If you get the yellow one, that is the lightest resistance. The red, which I have, is for medium resistance and the blue is for strong resistance.

I’ve been using a band around my knees for years. So, this was pretty natural and easy to use. I loved that they offered a ton of different exercises that you could incorporate into your warm-up or your strength program. I found the red hard but not that hard that I couldn’t use it.
I also liked that it was lightweight and easy to use. Crossover Symmetry has some interesting products and it’s definitely worth checking them out. Having one of these is ideal for a runner or a triathlete. It will help strengthen the muscles around your knee, in case you have issues, and will also help your hips and core get stronger. I would recommend it.