How to Get More Organized During COVID-19 By KitBrix

Kit Brix

With the current outbreak of Coronavirus, many if not all events have sadly been canceled. With much of our training focusing on working towards the goal of a specific race, it can be easy to feel frustrated and hit pause on all training. Well, here at Kitbrix we are here to show you that now is the perfect time to get organized and get prepared for when race season commences once again. 

Train from home

During this time, with gyms and usual training spots closed, it may be necessary to switch from a workout to a work ‘in’. If you rely on gym and swimming pools to carry out your usual training, now may be the time when you have to become creative. For example, you can switch things up and set up a circuit in your garden or do a live online workout from your living room. Not only will you keep your fitness levels up, but it will provide you with a mental boost and a rush of endorphins that we all need right now. For some inspiration, you can read Kitbrix’s blog ‘8 Everyday Objects That Can Double as Home Workout Equipment’ here. 

Perfect your form

With many of us working from home and with races and events put on pause, this leaves the ideal opportunity to perfect the areas of your performance you usually neglect. Set yourself a goal and a time frame to work towards. This may be beating your running personal best or improving your cycling form. There are plenty of online resources to keep you motivated and on the right track.

Refresh your triathlon kit

To help you hit the ground running as soon as triathlon season commences now is the perfect time to deep clean your kit. Wipe off the cobwebs and spruce up your kit list. Use this time to clean any muddy gear you’ve been neglecting and replace any bits that have worn down. 

Break-in new equipment

With races on hold for the moment, why not experiment with some new kit? Is there something you’ve been wanting to try? For example, now could be the opportune moment to break in those new running shoes or try out a new fitness tracker without the pressure of an upcoming race.

Perfect your training and race day kit list

To help you get prepared and organized for triathlon season, why not perfect your race day kit list? Whittle down to things you actually need, stock up on energy gels and create your ultimate race day checklist. Having your Kit organized will help you to hit the ground running the moment gyms open and races start up again. You’ll be able to grab your bag and go without having to prepare your kit. If you have a Kitbrix you can place this in the bag’s waterproof pouch, perfect for displaying your list where you can easily tick items off. 

The Kitbrix Triathlon bag is the perfect companion during your triathlon training and race day. The Kitbrix bags have separate, waterproof zip together compartments that allow you to keep your wet and dry kit organized, so you can focus on the task at hand… racing! With a hardshell base, your Kitbrix bag will take you from muddy fields to sandy shores, always up for the challenge, and always keeping your kit dry. Where will you take your Kitbrix bag?