Need Sports Glasses for Riding and Running?

If you need sports glasses for riding and/or running, read on. I have a few pair of sports glasses. For years, I’ve been seeking a company that would make both progressive glasses and photochromic lenses in one package.

When Sports RX reached out to me to tell me they could make that pair, I was excited. All of my sports glasses are either just sunglasses or I have a pair of photochromic lenses but none are also progressive.

Unfortunately, I can’t see the bike computer or even my running watch when I go out to train. It’s blurry and I longed for a time when I could have a pair of progressive sports glasses.

“We can do that for you,” the salesperson told me.

Oakley Half Jacket

I ordered a pair of Oakley Half Jacket XLJ progressive lenses which are photochromic. The frames are polished black.

The glasses were shipped to me in no time and I took them with me on a 12-mile run.

Taking them for the test

I put on my new Oakley Half Jacket Sports Glasses and went out the door. It was 5:30 am and still dark out. The lenses stayed clear.

I went into my car and I was able to see the dashboard. “Wow, this is cool,” I said out loud.

When I got to the park, the sun was rising. At about 6:15 am, it was light and the lighter and brighter it got outside, the darker my lenses got. They actually got pretty dark and I was squinting. I looked down at my Garmin watch. It was so awesome to see the numbers clearly. (I know that may sound ridiculous but again, all of my sports glasses aren’t progressive, except for this Oakley pair from Sports RX. So, seeing tiny letters for the first time was like a small miracle.)


I started riding at 6 am and the sun was just coming up. The glasses stayed clear until it got bright outside, then they darkened up. I didn’t even notice the transition! What I mostly loved was that I could see my computer screen for the first time and be able to read it!

Sports RX

Interestingly Sports RX does not charge for shipping and they will price-match any brand you see elsewhere that they carry. They have a ton of different brands ranging from high-end glasses like Persils, Ray-Bans, Oakley and more. You name the brand and they probably have it.

You send in your prescription and they will make up the lenses for you. They don’t only make sports lenses, but they specialize in sports lenses.

SportRx is a San Diego-based company that was built by active opticians who “ride their bikes, run their races, push their jogging strollers, and bomb down slopes.” Their mission is to help people see better while doing what they love. The company has been around since 1996. Go to for more information.

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