Is Massage Important for Endurance Athletes?

By now the research is in and it suggests that massage helps the blood flow, increases circulations and improves endurance. But is it realistic to get a massage every couple of weeks or once a month? Especially now with the threat of coronavirus, we need to protect ourselves and try to do things on our own to stay protected. Triggerpoint has a solution. Their new IMPACT Percussion Massage Gun is perfect for any endurance athlete.

I recently had the opportunity to sample the product and I would say that it is amazing!

The IMPACT Percussion Massage Gun needs to charge. It holds a charge for up to 2 hours!

IMPACT Percussion Massage Gun

The “Gun” has an angled handle with four-speeds and lasts for 2 hours without a charge. (It comes with a plug that goes into the wall to charge it up.) It does not work with batteries.

It comes in a compact box that protects the Gun in shipping. When you get it, you should charge it immediately, although there is already a slight charge.

The IMPACT Percussion Massage Gun is not light. It’s a sturdy piece of equipment and is perfect prior to a swim, bike or run if you want to get deep in specific areas. It’s also great to use it after a hard workout.

The package is great for storage too!

This is more of a deep massage. It vibrates and moves back and forth. It also has a small head.

Here’s how to use:

For pre-workout — use high speed and light pressure for less than 30 seconds per muscle group.

For post-workout – Low speed and deep pressure – apply for 60 seconds or more to aid in hydrating tissue and speeding up recovery.

You can use for quads, glutes, pecs, calves, hamstring, and TFL.

You press the power button once and an LED light shines. When you press 2x, it’s low vibration, 3x it’s middle vibration, 4x high vibration and 5x max vibration. When you press 6x, the unit shuts off.

Taking it to the test

I started to use it pre and post-workout and have been enjoying the unit. It’s an intense vibration so you can keep it on the lowest level and still reap the benefits of a massage. You can purchase the unit on the Triggerpoint website for $199. Here’s the website with videos that you can also watch –

If you don’t have one, I would highly recommend getting one. I love the portability and the way it targets one specific area.