Keen WK400 Walking Shoe Review

Front view of Keen

Could you imagine feeling like you are wearing bright yellow taxi cabs on your feet?

With the Keen WK400 Walking Shoes, you no longer have to imagine. They will make those strides so much faster and easier with their rolling technology.

Features of the Keen WK400

You will love the “Keen.Curve” technology. It has an amazing curved heel-to-toe design that ensures unbroken propulsion and comfort!

With two-finger tabs on the back of each shoe, they are easy to slip off and on. But don’t think this means reduced performance. These shoes have higher traction rubber outsoles so they can tackle any kind of terrain or weather conditions with ease.

tabs on Keen

In addition, Eco Anti Odor tech keeps them smelling fresh no matter how much activity is thrown at them. Plus, the laces located along the side relieve pressure from across your foot. So if neuropathy plagues you (like it does me), take refuge in knowing there’s finally something out here to make life easier when walking outdoors again.

Test Drive the Keen WK400

Side of Keen

After trying out these new shoes, I’m totally hooked! The innovative Keen.Curve technology helps move you forward so it’s a lot more enjoyable than your average walk. It all started when Rory Fuerst suffered an unfortunate ski accident that kept him from even walking for months – but once he was able to start again, the idea of making walking fun and efficient sparked in his mind. With help from his buddy Ciro Fusco, this dream became reality with the creation of their revolutionary tech.

Running and triathlons may come with their fair share of injuries, but thankfully Keen WK400 are here to help make the comeback easier.

Inside of Keen Walking Shoe

Featuring a variety of colors for you to choose from, these shoes will ensure that getting back on your feet (or wheels) is as comfortable as possible!

You can get your pair here They retail for $165 and are worth every penny!

P.S. The next time I go overseas, I will definitely bring along a pair of these shoes!