Like Smoothies?

If you like smoothies, you will love the book, Sport Smoothies by Fern Green! The book includes more than 65 recipes to boost your workouts and recovery.

Green is a chef, food stylist, and food writer. She has written more than a dozen books on healthy eating. Interestingly, each recipe includes four to six ingredients. All can be made within no time.

I’m boring when it comes to smoothies, but I think this book will change my “smoothie” habits. The first part of the book talks about fueling for endurance athletes. She discusses why carbohydrates are essential, because of their conversion to glucose and glycogen before they can be used as fuel for your body. The author suggests that it’s important to also replenish your glycogen stores, boosting your energy, after a workout as well.

The book is lined with recipe after recipe and sectioned off by pre-workout, muscle-building, post-workout & recovery and carb-loading.


The first part, the Pre-Workout includes a dozen or so recipes that are packed with nutritious ingredients. Some of the smoothies include Coconut Date, Pina Coco Lada, Green up and Peanut Spice. A breakdown of the calories, along with the protein, fat, carbs, fiber and sodium are included.

Post-Workout & Recovery

The author suggests that after a long, hard workout you should take in protein and carbs. If you don’t go out as strenuous, then have a lighter smoothie. If you do this right, which I never seem to do, your stiffness and fatigue will be less than normal.

In this section, you also have a choice between a dozen or so smoothies, including Pink Basil, Chia Charge, Raspberry Date and Green Monster.


If you do strength training or lift weights, this section is for you. These smoothies include more protein to accomplish your goals. Here, you will find the Green Protein, Oaty Apple, Peanut Chia, Banana Nut, and Magic Mango.


These recipes are specifically for someone who is running a marathon, long bike or a triathlon. They are packed with energy to help you get through any workout. Sport Smoothies includes Spinachia, Oat Me Up, Veggie Feet and Orangy Apricot.

Sport Smoothies is available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon and on the VeloPress website.