After Sandy, Long Beach NY Built a New BoardWalk

Hilary Running on the boardwalk before sandy

This post was written in 2013 months after Superstorm Sandy hit Long Beach, Long Island and devastated our community. The boardwalk was destroyed, along with dozens and dozens of homes. However, Long Beach came back strong. Here is a post about after the boardwalk was starting to be repaired.


I heard that a part of the Long Beach NY boardwalk was up so I decided to run from my house in Lido to the Long Beach Boardwalk, which starts on Long Beach Road and spans about four blocks west. The run was a little difficult due to the fact that it was extremely hot and running in the middle of the street with cars coming, is not the most pleasant experience.  But I was determined.

Since the Diva Half Marathon, I haven’t run more than a couple of miles a day. I just couldn’t get myself back into the long runs. But this morning, I was going to do it.

Going out for a run

When I finally came to Long Beach Road, I walked up the ramp and I saw dozens of smiling people.  It was a gorgeous day, with bright blue sky and scattered fluffy white clouds in the sky.  The sun illuminated everything so the colors were intensified. It felt good to see people happy again.  It had been too long.

Superstorm Sandy was bad

Hurricane Sandy destroyed our 2.1 mile (in each direction) boardwalk. Since then, we’ve had nothing there. In addition to many folks being displaced, the boardwalk was the heart and soul of our city.  Seeing it gone was tragic for all of us. Until now…

Running on the Boardwalk

I ran the four blocks on the new boardwalk. It wasn’t rickety like the old one. There weren’t loose boards either.  It was straight, flat and bouncy.  Boy was it bouncy!  I had been running on the asphalt for way too long. Running on the boardwalk felt as if I were on a trampoline. It was wonderful.

Although it was fast and short, it made me feel hopeful that there would be a new 2.1 mile boardwalk soon and then us runners (and there are plenty of them living in Long Beach) could go back to running on the boardwalk again.

Although my 4.7 mile run was happy, I know I’ll even be happier once the boardwalk is complete.