My Fitness Journal Review

My Fitness Journal Review: 365 Days of Fitness. Keep Track of Your Progress.

There are so many journals online and offline that are available to the runner, swimmer, cyclist or triathlete. When I started running, a few years back, I started to keep track in a notebook. When that became too cumbersome, I purchased a journal from Runner’s World. I’m a big advocate for keeping track of your trainings. Aside from your race times, it’s the only way to see if you are improving.

Recently, Meyer & Meyer Sport sent me My Fitness Journal – 365 Days of Fitness Keep Track of Your Progress by Mike Diehl and Felix Grewe.

It’s a nice hard cover book with easy to make entries every day. As the authors suggest, it’s important to have at least one rest day per week.

I like that you can document your mood prior to training, your fitness level, what you ate throughout the day and how you felt afterwards. There are several lines that you can jot down your feelings about the activity along with what happened, if anything, during the activity.

The beginning of the book has a section about you. You can post photos and information on your start and then throughout your year journey.

You can purchase this journal by going to Meyer & Meyer Sport or, I have one that I will give away. Comment below why you need this and if there are more than one entry, I will put in a hat and draw a winner.

Happy journaling!


Available via Amazon, or through Meyer & Meyer Sport.