Perfect Hydration Review

Are all bottled waters created equal? According to Perfect Hydration, they would say, “no!” This new brand of water is “supercharged.” It has 9.5 + pH alkaline water that is purified through a nine-stage filtration process, and the water has a blend of minerals and electrolytes. Here’s my review of Perfect Hydration.


I actually loved the taste of this water. To me, it had a perfect blend. There is no added sodium, the plastic bottle is recyclable and BPA free. It tasted fresh, clean and I really enjoyed drinking it.

Full disclosure, for the purpose of this review, I was sent two bottles of Perfect Hydration.

There was no noticeable smell.

perfect hydration

Is bottled water better than tap?

There is a ton of controversy on the internet about whether bottled water is better than tap. Most bottling companies would like you to think so, but the fact of the matter is, the tap water is actually just as good if not better than most bottled waters. However, when I compared the taste of tap water to Perfect Hydration, I felt that Perfect Hydration tasted better.

On the Go

Although I usually use tap water, if I’m on the go and don’t have time to make myself a bottle, I will go to the refrigerator and grab a bottle of water. Yes, I can plan ahead. However, there’s so much planning you can do when you’re a triathlete. You need to plan your schedule and workouts, you need to plan your food. Sometimes, it’s just easy to grab a bottle and go.

In that case, I would much prefer to grab a bottle of Perfect Hydration that already has a 9.5+ pH balance and added electrolytes. Then, I know that the water I’m drinking during a workout is suitable for me to keep me hydrated throughout the workout. (Did I say I really like the taste?)

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