Pillar Performance Australia

Pillar Supplements

Pillar Performance, an Australian company, sent me a box filled with supplements. It was beautifully presented and the bottles in which they came, were glass.

The company sent me three products to review – Triple Magnesium, Motion Armour Joint Longevity, and Ultra B Active Peak Performance. They also gave me a small travel jar to take the pills and powder with me when traveling.

All of the Pillar Performance products are gluten-free, dairy-free, and don’t include nuts, eggs, or sugar.

Triple Magnesium Professional Recovery

This powder included magnesium citrate, magnesium amino acid chelate, magnesium glycinate dihydrate. The flavor was Natural Berry.

Triple Magnesium Professional Recovery supports recovery by focusing on muscle health. It reduces cramping and enhances the body’s adaption to stress.

The magnesium has a mild flavor. It almost tastes like water with a hint of berry. There is a sweetness to the taste and it goes down very smoothly. The price for a jar is $34.99.

Pillar sitting on box

Motion Armour Joint Longevity

This film-coated pill, which is easy to swallow, contains NEM, 5- Loxin, Boswellia extract, and curcumin. Motion Armour is good for joint mobility and flexibility. Pillar has an ingredient that alleviates mild joint inflammation, pain, and stiffness.

You take 2 pills daily.

60 pills come in a glass jar. The price for the jar is $49.99.

Ultra B Active Peak Performance

This pill has an advanced energy production complex that contains a significant amount of Vitamin B formulation that helps to promote energy levels, support healthy responses to stress, relieve fatigue and support cognitive and nervous system functions.

You take one pill daily with food.

The pills are coated and easy to swallow. (I always have an issue with that. These are perfect. I wish more pills were made like this.)

The price is $34.99.

The Story

Pillar Performance saw an industry focused on macronutrients and decided to start a company dedicated to micronutrients.

“Elite athletes globally are educated and prescribed with micronutrition to aid performance, yet high-performance programs have had to make do with products that don’t meet their needs – formulations for mass consumption rather than with elite outcomes in mind. We at PILLAR, plan on changing that.” said the founders.

Taking them for a test drive

What I liked about the vitamins/supplements was that they were easy to swallow. (I typically have an issue with this.) I took all three of the products and felt pretty good. Unfortunately, it’s hard to say if something works unless you take it for a while, but, I will say that I plan on taking them and keeping myself healthy.

I was impressed with the actual products and the packaging. You can pick them up by going to the website at https://pillarperformance.com.au/.