Why I Love MoxiLife

Q and A with a Company Executive

I started using MoxiLife a few months ago and since then, I have been a huge fan. (See my review on this blog.) MoxiLife has helped me get through many long events including a few half marathons and even St. Anthony’s Triathlon!

Recently, I had the opportunity to interview Theresa Seaquist, Scientific Advisor, of MoxiLife. I wanted to find out how to effectively use MoxiLife.

Here are my Q and A’s:

Q: For a runner, what would be a good regimen to do before training and racing, during and after???

A: Follow a minimum 3-week protocol for the HydraMag 2x daily (A little goes a long way).

Q: Why should I take Magnesium?

A: Magnesium is an extremely important mineral for athletes for a variety of reasons. Mainly for its “vasodilation” properties and the role is played with energy production and electrolyte regulation.

It is the “Master Mineral” and without it, you can’t produce energy. 

Magnesium also works with Nitric Oxide and supports the length of time nitric oxide stays in the system by helping enlarge the capillaries and veins. 

This allows for greater blood flow, enhancing muscle oxygenation for faster recovery and helps cool down the whole body. Your veins are how our bodies release heat. The more vascular (veins and capillaries) surface area you have increased the release of heat.

The Energy cycle; AKA ATP cycle can’t survive without Magnesium, it just doesn’t work without it. Period. 

Lastly, magnesium regulates the Sodium and Potassium Pump. The body doesn’t know what to do with the sodium and or potassium without magnesium. More salt doesn’t necessarily get utilized, you may be drinking and getting it into your body however when it gets in, does it know what to do?

As a matter of interest, if an athlete was hypokalemic (not enough potassium) the protocol to elevate the Potassiums levels requires the inclusion of Magnesium. Without Magnesium, it would not be able to uptake Potassium. 

Q: How often should I take Magnesium?

A: You should take daily as an Endurance Athlete.

The RDI is 420mg for men and 350mg for women. Since all humans are unique, some require more magnesium depending on how each individual utilizes it. 

The ‘talk’ is now about differences between men and women, which is valid. 

Men are from Mars and Women from Venus…Hormonal fluctuations and the mineral requirements to meet these variable demands also play a significant role in how much magnesium is needed.during a women’s cycle the demands are higher for magnesium.

Cramping is a symptom associated with low magnesium levels. Magnesium regulates hormones which when the body start to pull magnesium from where it is stored(in the muscles and bones) the imbalance of magnesium contributes to the cramping. Most hormones are affected by magnesium indirectly or directly. Testosterone to Estrogen, magnesium touches them both so it is vital to both genders.

Q: What about just taking Magnesium pills? What’s the difference?

A: The latest research on magnesium suggests that incremental doses are best tolerated and absorbed.

Magnesium pills are a ‘lump sum’ of magnesium introduced into the body all at once. The optimal sweet spot for a pill or capsule to be taken is between 25mg and 75mg. 

Depending on the ‘form’ of magnesium; especially Magnesium Oxide is not well tolerated by a majority of the population and causes laxation, diarrhea. 

HydraMag contains a patented form of Magnesium known as a ‘Chelate’.This Magnesium is attached to amino acids which increase the absorption up to 5 x the typical Magnesium used in hydration beverages. It is delicious and is well-tolerated 

Q: How should you prep a long run? Week before? During?

A: With Magnesium, we need to do a bit of experimenting to determine what an individual’s needs are.

If an athlete is prone to cramping, definitely 2 servings daily should eliminate the issues. 

2 single servings daily should be taken for a minimum of 3 weeks before the problem is eliminated. 

Since HydraMag is so well-tolerated it can be used during your workouts. It can also be combined with PhytoLyte; and or other electrolyte drinks, to help increase the functionality of the sodium and potassium in traditional beverages.

PhytoLyte has 25mg of ‘chelated’ Magnesium also to help maximize your Mg uptake.

Q: How do I order MoxiLife?

A: Go to https://www.moxilife.com/ to order your products. For 20% off, join https://www.WeRTriathletes.com (for free) and get 20% off every time you order from the company.

P.S. I’m on my fourth order now and am very happy I found this product. It doesn’t make me gain weight like most of the other products on the market and it’s all-natural.