Product Review: BOBO’s Nutritional Bars

Product Review: BOBO’s Nutritional Bars

I love when new products come on the market. It just gives us an opportunity to try a wide selection of nutritional supplements, especially when they are all natural and don’t have artificial anything in them, like BOBO’s!

BOBO’s was created by a mother and daughter team. Like the outside of the wrapper says, “on a rainy afternoon in 2003, Beryl Stafford and her daughter “Bobo” baked oat bars that soon became a Boulder, CO cafe favorite. This humble oat bar has since captivated loyal fans nationwide with no compromise to the original recipe, small batch baking process or mother-daughter tradition.”

All of the items, and there are seven in all, are Gluten free, Vegan and non-GMO. They are all made of organic grains, organic oils and all natural flavors. There’s nothing artificial in these bars. Some of the bars are sweeter than others because of the ingredients. For example the Maple Pecan Oat Bar, Apple Pie Oat Bran and the Peanut Butter and Jelly are all sweet, but not that sweet. It gives you just enough to take with you on a long run, long bike ride or a long swim. They are perfect companions for a triathlon and I look forward to taking them along as I’m training for the long course this season!

The flavors I got to taste include:

  • Maple Pecan Oat Bars (I think my fav!)
  • Coconut Oat Bars (perfect if you love coconuts!)
  • Peanut Butter Filled Oat Bars (and it does use real peanut butter!)
  • Chocolate Chip Oat Bites (just a little nibble to get you going or through a tough workout)
  • Peanut Butter and Jelly Bites (great protein!)
  • Apple Pie Oat Bar (Yummy!)
  • Stuff’d Chocolate Almond Butter Oat Bar (Wow, this is really hardy!)

I can firmly say that they are all delicious. I was actually a little surprised, but they really are good!  They have a ton more flavors available on their website!

BOBO’s Oat Bars range from 150 calories for the bites to 180 to 300 calories for the bars. When you are training hard and you don’t have time to stop, these bars and bites are perfect! And, best part, they are all natural and taste amazing!

They retail for $3.49 each for the bars.